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"Pedro del Hierro Madrid" presents its Spring/Summer 15 Collection at the MBFW in New York
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Pedro del Hierro Madrid is back in New York City to present its spring/summer 15 fashion collection. Carmen March, Creative Director of the brand unveiled her new work at Pier 59 Studios. For Spring 2015, Creative Director Carmen March was inspired by del Hierro’s earliest customers. “I was thinking of that select group of chic Spaniards that first championed Pedro’s collections in the ‘70s,” March explains. “And seeing Slim Aarons’ beautiful photos of their summers in Marbella and Sotogrande really had an impact on me.”

Aarons, the photographer whose rapport with aristocrats, movie stars and polo players allowed him to capture unguarded moments on yachts and behind villa walls, aimed to shoot “attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” His color-drenched summer photos, filled with languid, sensual poses set around sparkling pools, pushed March to experiment with cuts and fabrics, playing on the theme of clothing asymmetrically hugging the curves of a woman’s body as though she had recently emerged, fully dressed, from the water.

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